About Whitney Howard Designs

Whitney Howard Designs throwing blessing rings

Whitney Howard Designs is an eco-friendly company that creates meaningful and inspirational pewter jewelry in Los Angeles, California.

The WHD collection represents the many aspects of life’s journey. We create tangible, wearable objects that remind us of the people and things we love, the inspiration and connection we Seek.

With every blessing ring, quotable cuff and promise ring we create, we make a conscious effort to put integrity first. Rather than being absorbed with ever-changing trends and fads, we remain focused on the idea of creating sentiments that last and that we are always “paying it forward.”

We design with intention, so the pieces not only have a positive impact on the recipient, but on the environment as well. That’s why we only use recycled, repurposed and organic materials to make our Made-In-America jewelry. We want you to feel as good about our products as we do, and to share that positive and inspirational energy with family and friends.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or are searching for a meaning gift for someone you love, we invite you to browse our collection of lead-free pewter jewelry and accessories and find inspiration.

We wholeheartedly believe that our jewelry and accessories make the perfect gift for anyone.

About Whitney

I love words, quotes, art, people, connecting, traveling, reading, creating, and mostly I love to give.

At 22, I traveled, found amazing goods and met artists all over the world. I brought back art from these artists and opened a boutique. I sold imported and local goods, and I was always in search of anything that inspired people. I noticed people were in search of meaningful and uplifting gifts; my retail shop was the perfect place for me to create products and see how people responded.

My first product was the Millennium Angel, and with great success I saw that something small can be very impactful to someone and I was thrilled! A few years after the Millennium Angel was the creation of Blessing Rings. For over 11 years Blessing Rings have been touching lives and I have had the great privilege to hear these stories personally. When customers call to share how receiving a Blessing Ring meant so much to them, I truly feel like I am accomplishing in life was I was intended to do. I get a huge rush anytime I place a Blessing Ring in the hand of someone I care for, appreciate or respect, and tell them that they have made a difference in my life. When I have a chance to tell people how important they are, I go for it.

I had my shop, Handle with Care, for over 15 years; these were very happy times for me. I went from running a retail shop to creating a full collection of accessories that I now sell to retailers across the globe. I do what I love, it thrills me to know I can be the artist I am, and create heartfelt objects people want to wear or gift.

When I am not designing for Whitney Howard I am also an Eco-Pop artist ( I turn cereal boxes into art!), I’m a wanna be chef, a leader of a local Green Team and Mom.

About Howard

I'm inspired by the outdoors, people, art. I love acting, mentoring, hiking, trying new things, extreme adventures, and most especially, my family.

Before launching Whitney Howard Designs I was an actor who had the privilege to be in such independent films as Rancho Cucamonga, Slaves of Hollywood and the TV series Wind on Water. After acting, I was a CEO for a cool up-and-coming firm in L.A. and soon after launched Whitney Howard Designs. As a business man I saw the potential of Whitney’s designs being sold on a larger scale. It has been an extraordinary journey starting WHD. I enjoy collaborating with organizations to create custom accessories that help bring awareness to their brand; this continues to be a rewarding experience.

When I am not in the studio spin casting our hand-crafted accessories, I am out with friends and family loving what life has to offer. I enjoy giving back to organizations like Summit for Someone, volunteering at my children’s school or mentoring kids in their Venturing Programs.

I have climbed many peaks and I seek more. My bucket list includes Mt. Everest, John Muir Trail, and Camino De Santiago to name a few. When I am not with my family, I'm most happy amongst the trees and nature.